The Game #1

The man across the table was drawing dead and Edward knew it.  Edward had the nuts, pocket kings to match the two on the table.  Quads.  It didn’t matter what the guy had, Edward was going to take his chips.  Jack of spades on the river, giving his opponent a full house.  Edward waited.  The man went all in, a hundred and forty seven thousand dollars, give or take.  Edward almost smiled as he turned over the kings and raked the man’s chips into his stack.  Just another day at the tables for Edward “Bad Boy” Teraneau.

The door of the elevator slid silently open into a plush hallway.  Edward turned right and headed for his room.  At the end of the hall was the door to the penthouse; well, one of them anyway.  Edward slid the card into the door and pushed it open.  The lights went on as he entered the room, his footsteps clicking on the imported tile in the entryway.  The Bellagio never failed deliver an impressive welcome.  He pushed the door shut behind him and walked into the living room.  A voice behind him said, “Good evening, Mr. Teraneau” and the room went black.

Someone was speaking and Edward wished to God they would shut the hell up.  His head was pounding and his shoulders were killing him.  Slowly, he opened his eyes and found the light was relatively low in the room.  He was laying on a small cot, a far cry from the king size bed in his hotel room.  As his eyes focused, his mind began to process his surroundings.  There was a man and a woman sitting on a couch on the other side of the room.  It was their voices that Edward had heard.  Two other men sat silently in a pair of overstuffed chairs to the left of the couple.  A large, oval table dominated the center of the room; two men and two women stood behind it.  Slowly, the faces of the people in the room began to register in Edward’s mind.  The man on the couch with the woman was Craig  Leeson and the woman was Angela  Wayne.  Edward was still trying to piece together just what in the bloody hell was going on.  Had he gotten into some late night game and passed out?  He didn’t drink or do drugs, so what had happened?


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