The Game #4

“There’s nothing you’ve got that I want”, Bill said, “so you might as well let me go.”

“I beg to differ.  If you will look behind you, I think you will reconsider that statement.” Darius concluded with a small wave in the direction of the wall behind the table.

Everyone looked at the wall to see a panel slide up into the ceiling.  Behind the panel was a glass wall that looked into a small room.  As the group watched, a door opened in the back of the room and two men dragged a woman who was screaming and crying into the center.  She collapsed on the floor in a heap, but not before several players recognized her, including Bill Weldon.

“Rebecca!” Bill screamed as he plastered himself against the glass.  The woman looked up with a bewildered expression as if she we unaccustomed to hearing her own name.  After a moment or two she realized that her husband was standing less than five feet from her.  She pulled herself up off the floor and walked slowly to the glass.  Her shoulder length, honey-blonde hair had fallen in her face but did not obscure her beauty.  Rebecca Weldon had been a model when she met her husband and fifteen years later she still turned heads.  Edward and the rest of the players looked on in stunned silence as Bill and Rebecca pressed their bodies to the glass, both of them crying.

Without warning, Bill spun around and shot across the room towards Darius.  The look on his face left little doubt as to his intentions.  He had taken no more than three steps when he collapsed to the floor, doubled over in pain.  Edward winced, expecting to suffer the same torture, but there was no pain.

“As you can see, Mr. Weldon, I do possess something which you desire”, Darius said.  There was no gloating or sarcasm in his voice, just a simple statement of fact.  “And whether she is alive or dead the next time you hold her in your arms is entirely up to you.”


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