the Game #5

Edward felt a chill run up his spine.  It did not take a great leap of imagination to anticipate their host’s next move.  As if in response to Edward’s thoughts, eight more panels slid up into the ceiling to reveal rooms identical to the one occupied by Rebecca Weldon.  The players stared at the empty rooms in silence.  The only sound came from Bill who was moaning as he recovered from his second electrical shock.  Tim and George stood up from the chairs and joined the group behind the table. 

The door in the second room opened and the group held its collective breath in anticipation.  Two men entered with a short woman sporting gray hair braided down her back.  Tommy Chen collapsed on the floor in front of the window.  He spoke softly, “Rose Marie, I’m sorry…..”.  The woman kept her composure and sat down across from her husband.  She placed her hand on the glass as if touching his face. 

The door in the back of the next room opened and a thin girl with red hair and freckles walked in between her escorts.  Her eyes were red and it was clear she had been crying.  Tim Feldman, often referred to as “The Hippie”, rushed to the window with tears streaming down his face. 

“Erin!…. are you o.k. honey?”

“Daddy, I’m scared”, the girl answered.  “What’s going on?  Who are these men?”

“I don’t know, honey….. I don’t know…”  Tim said, then stood silently in front of the window.


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