The Game #8

Mary.  He knew it would be her.  Her dirty blonde hair was pulled back in a ponytail and she was dressed in her customery blue jeans and sweatshirt.  Edward’s heart sank at the sight of her.

“Hi Mary.  Are you feeling good today?” Edward asked his sister.

“Eddie!” Mary’s face lit up at the sight of her big brother.  “That man right there….”, she turned  and pointed to one of her escorts, “…told me we were playing a game. I told him you play games all the time and you’re the best ever!  So what’s the name of the game, Eddie?  Why is there a big window here?  You haven’t played a game with me in a long time, Eddie.”  Mary clapped her hands in excitement.

Edward turned away from the window, his face reflecting both sadness and fury. He fought back his tears and fixed his eyes on Darius.

“You do realize she doesn’t understand what’s going on here”, Edward said.  “She thinks this is a game.  How could you even think of using her to get to me?  If anything happens to her, I will make it my life’s mission to kill you slowly and painfully; and that sir, is no bluff.”

“Mr. Teraneau, what happens to her is completely up to you.  As far as my choice is concerned, have you not been an advocate for the disabled?  Why should Mary be treated any differently in this situation?  Think of this as a test of your principles.” 

Darius changed his attention to the rest of the group.  “Now that you know the stakes, let me continue explaining the rules.  The game is Texas Holdem.  Each of us will start with five thousand chips with the blinds at fifty and one hundred.  The monitor on the wall will show the blinds schedule and the time until the next increase.”

Bill got back to his feet and directed his comments at Darius.  “So you have all of us and our family members locked up here.  What makes you think you can get us to the table?  You planning to starve us into submission?”

“No, Mr. Weldon, I do not.  Each of those rooms has a hole in the center of the floor through which water may be pumped or drained.  The amount of water pumped into the room will be inversely proportional to the size of your chip stack.  Additionally, the water level in all of the rooms will rise and fall according to my chip stack as an incentive to stay active in the game.  If your chip stack goes to zero, the room will be filled completely, which will be most unfortunate for your loved one.  Once we start, you will not be allowed to leave the table until a break is called.  If you leave your seat, the room will begin to fill until you retake your seat but the water will remain at whatever level it reaches.  I do not recommend getting up.  Ladies and gentlemen, the game will begin in three minutes.”


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