The Game #10

King of spades.  Edward slid the top card under the bottom and checked it; queen of hearts.  He layed both cards down on the felt and placed a chip on top.  Tim was first to act and his hands were shaking.  He looked at his daughter, took another look at his cards and flicked them into the muck.  George mucked as well.  Angela looked at her cards for a few moments and then tossed them to the dealer.  Tommy, Nelly and Bill also folded around to Darius, who called.   Edward immediatle dropped a hundred dollar chip onto the table; “Call”.  Craig called the small blind and Ginger checked the option on the big blind.

“Kenny, it would appear that the pot is right”, Darius said.

Kenny pulled off the top card and burned it, then slid off three more.  He flipped them over and spread them out on the table.  Seven of spades, ten of hearts and queen of diamonds. Top pair for Edward on the button.  Certainly a good place to start.

Craig came in with a minimum bet and Ginger did the same.  Darius contemplated for a moment and said, “I raise.”  He placed two hundred on the table.  Edward studied him for a full minute.  He was calm and showed no emotion.  Edward knew Darius had the advantage.  Edward and the rest of the pros had played many televised tournaments, giving Darius ample opportunity to study them.  Darius, however, was an unknown commodity.  Edward needed to find out quickly if the man had any usable tells.

“Call.” said Edward, placing two more hundred dollar chips into the pot.

Craig’s face showed the stress of the situation.  Edward was fairly sure the man had a pocket pair, but it had to be jacks or smaller.  If Craig had flopped a set, he would have raised from the small blind and an over pair would certainly warrant a reraise here.  After a few moments, Craig called and put another hundred dollars on the table.  Ginger called the bet with little hesitation.  Edward knew she would be almost as hard to read as Darius, even though he had played against her many times.  If he had to guess, she was on a draw or had paired the board.

Kenny burned another card and flipped the next one over in the center of the table.  Jack of spades.  Edward looked at the card.  He now had an open ended straight draw, but that might have been the card that Ginger needed to fill her straight.  Craig fired out with a two hundred dollar bet.  Edward knew the jack had been good for Craig, his bet was a little too fast.  The stress was having an effect on the man’s game.  Ginger studied the board for a fairly long time and looked at each of the men still in the pot.  Finally, she tossed another two hundred dollars into the pot. “Call.”


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