The Game #11

Edward looked at Darius, trying to get a read on the man.  Darius reached for his chip stack.  Did Edward see the slightest hesitation in that motion?  That would most likely indicate a bluff.  “Raise to four hundred.” Darius said as he placed his chips into the pot.  Edward’s turn.  He ran Darius’ actions back in his mind.  Edward doubted that Darius would have tried a stone cold bluff on the first hand, but he didn’t think Darius had a pair, either.  If he was playing the big slick, ace-king, then he had everyone dominated.  Edward looked over at Mary.  She was off on another adventure, walking around her little room and talking to people only she could see.  Even though he was risking her life, Edward needed to get a solid read on Darius if he hoped to beat him.  If Darius bluffed him off his hand now, Edward would lose his chips with no information gained in the process.  “Call”, said Edward as he pushed another four hundred dollars into the pot.

Craig studied the board for a moment, then called the bet as well.  Ginger called almost immediately.  Edward knew the two of them well enough to know that both of them had either made their hands or had a very good shot at doing so.

Down to the river with four players still in the hand.  Kenny burned the top card and flipped over the eight of spades.  Three spades on the board as well as three running cards.  Edward did not like his chances now at all.  He had not made his straight and he was doubtful that his queens were going to hold up.  He waited to see what the others did.  Craig tapped the table, checking.  Was he setting a trap, Edward wondered, or had he missed a draw?  Ginger hesitated only briefly before saying, “Four hundred”, placing the chips on the table.  Darius was next.  He looked briefly at Ginger before stating “Raise to eight hundred” and placing his own chips on the felt.  Things were getting a little too heated for Edward’s taste and he reluctantly flipped his cards to the dealer, folding his hand.  Craig looked at both Ginger and Darius and then back at his hole cards before placing his chips on the table to call the bet.  Ginger said “I call” and dropped the chips into the pot.  She flipped over her cards, the six of spades and nine of hearts. 

“Queen high straight” announced Kenny.  Craig’s face fell as he flipped over a pair of jacks.  “Three of a kind” Kenny called.  Edward was thankful he had folded.  He looked over at Darius who calmly flipped over the ace of diamonds and the king of clubs.  “Ace high straight is the winner” Kenny announced as he pushed the chips towards Darius.  As Darius added them to his stack, a low rumbling filled the air and water began to flow into the rooms behind the glass walls.  Edward’s heart leapt into his throat and he concentrated on watching Mary.  She continued her imaginary walk and splashed through the water without missing a beat.  The water stopped in each of the rooms except Melanie Leeson’s and Scott Halstead’s.  Ginger and Craig stared in shock as their loved ones began yelling.

“Craig!  Get me the hell out of here, God damn it!”

“Mom!  What is this shit?!  Hey, Darren or asshole or whatever your name is, these boots cost a hundred and fifty bucks.  If they get ruined, you will buy me a new pair or I will kick your ass!” 

The other captives stood silently by as the water swirled around their feet.


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