The Game #13

Ginger was first up and bet two hundred.  Tim called, his hand still shaking as he dropped the chips into the pot.  Nelly did the same.  Edward looked at the other players.  He knew he had at least an even shot at winning the hand, but that would put another family member at risk.  In this game there was only one enemy, only one person they needed to beat; Darius.  It suddenly occured to Edward that he needed to get that idea across to the other players.  In the meantime, he called the bet.

Turn card: seven of diamonds.  Edward’s heart skipped a beat.  Straight flush and the nuts to boot.  Without the river, there was no hand that could beat him.  Craig’s folding had given Edward last position, but he hoped that Ginger and the others would go easy on the betting.  As much as he wanted to save Mary, he had no desire to sacrifice someone else to do it.

Ginger pushed four hundred dollars onto the center of the table.  “Four hundred.” 

Edward’s instincts were telling him to take all of them down, but he knew the cost of those actions.  Ginger certainly hadn’t hit the flush, probably kings or queens.  Tim looked at his hole cards a second time.  He was either preparing to bluff or trying to look like he was. 

“Raise to fifteen hundred”, he said as he pushed a stack of chips into the pot.

Damn.  Tim hit the flush, no doubt.  Edward just couldn’t see him bluffing with Erin’s life on the line, not this early in the game.  Edward could beat him, but should he?

Nelly looked at her table mates for several minutes, trying to get a read on the other three still in the hand.  Finally, she tossed her cards to Kenny.  Nelly “Vision” had once again lived up to her nickname.

Edward could call and beat Tim, unless there was a way for him to hit a straight flush or quads on the river.  Edward doubted that he could push Tim off a flush, especially if he had the ace. If Edward folded, he would be putting Mary even more at risk.  Calling would do the least amount of damage.  Hopefully Ginger wasn’t in a position to raise.

“Call”.  Edward slid his own stack of chips across the felt.

Ginger looked at the four cards on the table, then picked up her hole cards and flipped them into the muck with a heavy sigh.  Edward sighed to himself, thankful that his winning would affect one less person.

Kenny flipped over the three of hearts on the river.  A brick, didn’t affect either one of them, Edward was sure of that.   The straight flush was well hidden, Edward doubted that Tim would consider it.  Unfortunately, Tim would be first to act and Edward could only sit and wait.


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