The Game #14

“Fifteen hundred” Tim bet. 

Edward studied him closely.  He had Tim beat he was sure.  If he called the bet and won, Tim would be down to thirty-three percent of his chips. 
Edward judged the room holding Erin to be about seven feet high.  If the water rose to sixty-seven percent, plus a little extra based on Darius’ chip stack,  it would be just over her head, forcing her to tread water.  Edward remembered that Erin was on the UNLV Women’s water polo team, so she could handle that for a while.  On the other hand, if he folded here, he would be down to exactly half his chips.  The water would be well above Mary’s chest, possibly forcing her to swim, something she could barely do anyway.

Edward sat and stared at Tim’s chip stack which had gotten dangerously low.  He was struggling with the decision….. whom to risk? 

“I call” Edward said pushing chips into the pot.


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