The Game #16

“Call” said Darius, adding chips to the growing pot in the center of the table.  Now Edward was sure he hadn’t made his hand.  Edward was positive that Darius would have reraised if he had.  The need for control and to let other know he was in charge; those qualities would never have let him simply call unless he was not sure of his victory.

Kenny burned a card and flipped over the river; queen of hearts.  Edward saw Darius move to his chip stack, then the slightest hesitation.  His posture had straitened up a bit.  “Four hundred” said Darius.

A strong pair, Edward was sure.  If Darius had made a straight, he would have bet much stronger, or maybe check raised.  Edward had every reason to believe that Darius had him beat, but Darius did not know that.

“Call and raise to fifteen hundred” Edward said.  He knew it was a bit risky, but if Darius had studied Edward’s past play, this should throw him off.  Edward could count on one hand the number of times he had bluffed on the river in the last year.  His bluffs came on the flop, sometimes the turn and almost always pushed his opponent off their hand.  Those who had been unlucky  to call on the river had been beaten nine times out of ten.

Edward kept his eyes on Darius.  A twitch, ever so slight in the left eye.  A slight shake in his right hand as he moved in the direction of his chip stack.  Edward let out the slightest breath hoping that Darius would read it as a tell.

“Mr. Teraneau, that is a brave bet on your part, considering your sister is not at risk”, said Darius.

“Poker is poker, just different stakes”, replied Edward.  He knew Darius was searching for clues.  That just confirmed Edward’s suspicions.  Darius probably had him beat, but not by much.  That would be enough.

“Very well, Mr. Teraneau, I concede”, said Darius as he folded his cards.  Kenny pushed the chips to Edward.  The water in each of the rooms dropped a few inches.  Edward glanced at each of the other players to let them know what had just happened.  It was a start.  The next step was to get Erin out of danger.


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