The Game #18

A black card. Edward relaxed.  To be exact, it turned out to be the deuce of spades.  Had Edward stayed in, he would have hit a full house and put Tim out of the game.  That thought made his chest tighten up a little.  He would have folded anyway, but there was no guarantee that Darius would not have wanted to see his hand.  The man was obviously not playing with a full deck, thought Edward, no pun intended.

“Ten high straight” said Kenny, sliding the chips across the felt to Tim.

“Well played, Mr. Feldman”, said Darius.  “Given the stakes at hand, your performance was admirable.”

Edward picked up a slight emphasis on the word ‘performance’.  Had Darius known all along?  The man’s words notwithstanding, there was no guarantee that they were playing a straight up game.

Once Tim finished stacking his chips, the rumbling noise started.  Nearly all of the water drained from Erin’s cell and the level in the other cells dropped and inch or two.  Edward’s chest relaxed and his heart rate slowed just a bit.  Darius’ chip stack was still above five thousand, but not by much.  If they could keep hitting him and knocking down his chips, they might be able to bust him.

Before Kenny could start the next deal, the timer on the wall buzzed, signalling a raise in the blinds.  It now read “75/150    14:59” and began counting down the time.  Edward made a mental note of the time and focused on the next hand.

“I must explain a change in the game at this point”, said Darius.  “At the beginning of the hand, the valve to each room will open, allowing a slow trickle of water to enter.  The longer the hand takes to play out, the deeper the water will get.  At the end of the hand, the depth adjustment will be made from whatever point the water has reached at that time.  Think of it as an incentive.”

Edward felt his chest tighten again.  That changed everything.  They couldn’t simply beat Darius.  They would have to play against each other.

Kenny dealt and Edward looked at the two cards in front of him.  Six of clubs and the nine of diamonds.  As a small trickle of water flowed into Mary’s cell, Edward hoped that the hand would finish quickly.   Nelly was the first to act and she folded.  Bill did the same.  Darius called the blind of one hundred and fifty dollars.  As much as Edward wanted to bring Darius down, these cards were not going to do it and he flicked the two cards to the dealer. 

“Raise to four-fifty”, said Craig.  Craig had something playable. 

“Raise again to nine hundred”, said Ginger.  Edward looked at her, but Ginger had her poker face on.  That was not good.  Darius had managed to get them to play against each other…… Craig also gave her a questioning glance, but he was still in a comfortable position.  Tim folded and so did George.  Angela gave up the small blind, but Tommy called Ginger’s re-raise.  The action came back to Darius.

“I feel I have been bested on this hand”, said Darius as he mucked his cards.

Craig called Ginger’s raise without commenting and the water continued to rise in the nine cells.

Kenny dealt the flop: queen of spades, ace of clubs, eight of spades.  Edward continued to read the other players even though he was no longer in the hand.  It was an even bet that at least one of them was on a flush draw and that one had flopped a high pair or a set.  Multiple high hands could be a problem if it kept them all in the game.  Someone was going to lose, and possibly lose in a big way.

Tommy was first up; “Nine hundred”.

“Raise to twelve hundred”, Craig said, as his turn came around.

“Call” said Ginger.  Edward suspected she was trying to slow play a better hand, but the betting was pushing her.

Tommy called the bet after a moment or two.  Edward had played against the three of them enough times to know that each was playing a strong hand.  If there was any bluffing to be done, it would be on the turn.

There was more than sixty-five hundred dollars in the pot.  Darius’ “incentive” was pushing these players to bet more than they normally would have.

Kenny flipped over the turn card; four of diamonds.  Edward guessed that it had missed everyone’s hand.  Good, maybe that would slow down the betting a little.


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  1. May 20, 2010 at 6:26 am

    new to ur #18 nigntmares and bodyparts…….so far awsome…just feel need to catch up….meanwhile life is great!! carry it has u carry youself….that follows a long way….alwayz,deanna rush

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