The Game #19

Tommy checked on the turn and Craig immediately bet.

“Four hundred” he said.

Ginger called the bet.  Tommy hesitated, then called as well.

“Man o man, ain’ nuttin’ good comin’ outa dis hand, dat fo sure”, Tommy said.

Edward agreed silently with Tommy.  The water level in each of the cells was rising slowly as the hand was being played.  Edward felt a sense of helplessness at not playing with the others.  He had to remind himself that foolishly betting on hands he couldn’t win would not help Mary.

As the players completed the round, Kenny burned the top card in the deck and dealt the river.  Nine of hearts.  Edward quickly scanned the faces of the three remaining players.  Craig was either on a flush or straight draw, but he hadn’t made either one.  The tension was beginning to take its toll; Craig hadn’t even put on his glasses and the talk around the table was almost non-existent.  He checked slowly and waited for the others to play their turn.  Edward glanced over at Mary.  She was seated on the floor, splashing her hand through the rising water  like a toy boat.  All he could do was sit helplessly and watch her play in her own little world.  He hoped silently her world would stay a relatively safe place for the time being.

Ginger bet, “Five hundred”.  Edward saw Craig wince like he had been hit.  Tommy was hard to read in most circumstances, but the hunch of his shoulders told Edward he was going to fold even before he mucked his two cards.  The action came back to Craig.  He looked at Ginger, trying to get a read on her.  If  she was playing jack-ten, she had made her straight.  Edward would have told him that she had been betting strong all along and probably had two pair or possibly a set.  Craig was pot committed and reluctantly called Ginger’s bet.  As soon as his chips hit the table, Ginger flipped over her cards; two aces giving her trips.  Craig stared at the cards in horror and slowly flipped over king-jack of spades and the broken flush.  The rumbling noise began and the water level in each of the rooms began to change.


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