The Game #20

The water level rose to a foot or so in most of the cells.

“Mom!” Scott yelled as the water level passed his waist.  Tears rolled down Angela’s face as she watched her son flail helplessly against the water.  After several minutes, the flow into Scott’s cell subsided.  But not in Melanie’s.

“Craig, get me the fuck outta here!” she screamed.  “Hey you in the suit, asshole, let me outta here NOW!”

The table went silent as the water level rose steadily higher.  Melanie continued to scream until she was forced to tread water.

“Darius! Stop it! Craig pleaded.  “I still have chips, you have to wait, let me play another hand.”

“I’m afraid, Mr. Leeson, that your chip stack is not quite adequate.” Darius replied.

The water level in Melanie’s cell moved to within a foot of the ceiling.  She was struggling to get her breath and tread water at the same time.  The other players were silent as the water filled the room to the top.  Craig flew off his seat, picked up the stool and ran to the window.  Melanie was thrashing wildly and pounding on the glass.  Craig swung the stool against the glass with all of his strength.  The impact caused the stool to explode in a shower of splintered wood, but the glass remained intact without so much as a scratch.  Craig fell to his knees and watched as his wife’s struggles subsided and her body floated in front of the glass, her eyes staring lifelessly at the players around the table.  Edward’s stomach churned and it took all of his willpower to keep its contents from reappearing onto the table.  Several people were crying softly as though in accompaniment to Craig’s gut wrenching sobs.  After what seemed to Edward to be a sadistically long time, the wooden panel slid down in front of Melanie’s cell, sparing the players and her husband from the sight of her dead body.

The doorway Darius had used opened and two men walked into the room.

“It would appear that our group has been pared down to nine”, Darius said.  “Please escort Mr. Leeson to claim his wife’s body.  Now then, shall we resume?”

“So we can add premeditated murder to your list of charges”, said Edward.  “I’m guessing that under these circumstances, the death penalty will be asked for and given.  That does even the stakes a bit.”

“That assumes that you can beat me, Mr. Teraneau”, replied Darius.  “Kenny, I believe that we are ready for another hand.  The remainder of Mr. Leeson’s chips will be placed in the pot as a bonus to the winner.”.

The cards hit the felt as the water continued to trickle into the remaining eight cells.


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