The Game #21

Tommy and Nellie were on the blinds making Bill “The Poker Punk” Weldon the first to act before the flop.  He checked his cards and dropped his chips onto the table.

“Raise to three hundred”, he said.  Edward winced a little.  Bill tended to go into tirades when he lost to inferior hands in a regular tournament.  Edward could only imagine what would happen given their current situation.

The turn moved to Darius.  “Raise to four fifty” he said placing his chips into the pot. 

Edward tensed as he looked at his hole cards.  Eights; one heart, one spade; a pair of snowmen.  Edward now had to play this hand two ways; one to beat Darius and one to try to minimize the damage to the other players.  That would be a tough order.  Edward would have to stay very focused if he was going to pull this off.  “Call four-fifty”, he said.  No need to add any more fuel to the fire, not at this point.  He wasn’t entirely sure of Darius’ cards, but Bill tended to make smaller raises on weak pairs and unsuited connectors.  Edward would have to wait and get a read on him after the flop.

Edward looked at the empty spot next to him and then at Ginger.  She took a second look at her cards and folded.  Tim and George followed suit and the action came to Angela on the button.  She paused for a few moments and looked at her son and the slow rise of water in his cell before silently calling the bet.  Edward doubted she was playing from a position of strength other than being in the dealer’s position, but he knew better than to discount her too  quickly.  Tommy was next and he quickly called the bet, normally a sure sign that he had a solid hand.  Nelly pushed in the extra three hundred, her face was ghostly white.  Edward doubted that she would have bet were she not on the big blind.  This brought the action back to Bill.

“Are you kidding me?” Bill said.  “Six hands into the flop?  This is bullshit, you know half of you don’t have shit in your hands.  This is worse than playing with all of those morons in the Main Event.”

Bill ended his tantrum and threw his chips into the middle of the table where they scattered the rest of the pot.  Kenny calmly gathered the chips and placed them into a pile in the center of the table.  Edward waited to see if Darius would inflict his bracelet on Bill, but nothing happened.  Nothing to do now but wait for the flop.

Kenny doubled checked the pot, burned the top card on the deck and flopped over the next three cards.


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