The Game #24

Darius stared at Edward, attempting to read some small sign that would let him know what kind of hand Edward was holding.  Edward stared at the center of the table and focused on the pot.  There was over fourteen thousand dollars in there right now.  He kept his hands folded in front of him as well.  He used this pose whenever the hand was close to prevent his opponents from getting any kind of tell.

“It would appear that I am rather committed to seeing this hand through to the end”, Darius said.  “I call.”

Darius pushed ten hundred-dollar chips into the center of the table, then flipped over the jack and ten of diamonds.  Edward saw that Darius had missed the straight flush by one card, but had made the straight.  Edward flipped over the pair of eights and Tommy showed aces up.

“Four of a kind, eights”, said Kenny as he pushed the chips to Edward.  Tommy stared at the board and quickly shifted his gaze to Rose Marie’s cell.  The water began to rise in her cell and in Rebecca Weldon’s.  Bill gripped the edge of the table, his knuckles and his face turning white in the process.  The water stopped at three feet in Rebecca’s cell, but continued to rise in Rose Marie’s.  Tommy sat in silent horror as Rose Marie began to tread water, her braid floating out behind her.  The water rose to within six inches of the ceiling before it stopped.  Rose Marie barely had room to keep her face above the water.  Her breaths were coming in ragged gasps and she was tiring quickly.  Tommy started to get up but Nelly put her hand on his arm.

“Don’t, Tommy.  It will only make it worse.  Just look at me.”

Tommy turned and looked at Nelly.  He started to look away and she touched his face to bring his eyes back to hers.  Kenny shuffled and dealt the next hand starting with Nelly who put in the small blind of seventy-five dollars.  Bill put in the big blind and checked his cards.  Edward did the same.  King of spades and the ten of diamonds.  Darius was down to seven hundred fifty dollars.  Edward needed to get him out before he had a chance to come back.  Darius was the first to act.

“All in.”


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