The Game #25

Without hesitation, Edward moved his chips to the pot.


The rest of the players folded their hands around to Tommy who slowly pushed his remaining chips across the felt.

“Call, all in.”

Edward looked at Rose Marie, who was still managing to keep her face out of the water and then at Tommy.  He looked like someone had kicked him in the stomach.  Edward wished he hadn’t bet, but there was nothing to be done about that now.  All they could do was play out the hand.

Bill came next.  “Raise, to one thousand” 

What the hell is he doing? thought Edward.  Rebecca wasn’t in any immediate danger and Rose Marie was quickly running out of time.  Bill was most likely sitting on a solid pair or ace-king.  If he had Tommy dominated, that was not good at all.  It did give them another chance to bust Darius, but at Rose Marie’s expense.

Edward could fold, but what if Darius managed to beat both Tommy and Bill?  That would be the end for Rose Marie and possibly for Rebecca as well.  It would also give Darius a much-needed boost to his chip stack.  Edward mulled his options over in his mind, staring at Darius as he did so.  Even though Bill had made the raise, Edward was far more interested in the cards Darius held.  After a moment, Edward decided that he needed to push Bill off his hand.

“Raise to two thousand”, said Edward, pushing his chips in.

With Darius sitting between him and Bill, it was hard for Edward to catch Bill’s eye and give him a sign.  Edward looked across the table and saw Angela looking at him.  He gave her a small nod ‘no’ and then glanced in Bill’s direction.  Angela shifted her gaze to Bill, but Edward couldn’t tell if she was able to signal him.  Then he saw her give a small nod as she rubbed her temple and glance back at Edward.

“Dammit, Teraneau, if you’re bluffing me, I will kill you.”

There was no levity in Bill’s voice as he folded his cards into the muck.  Mission accomplished.  Kenny pulled the extra chips to Edward and left only the bets from Darius and Tommy on the table.  That left the three of them in a showdown.

“Gentlemen, your cards”, Kenny directed the players.

Edward flipped his card and watched Darius turn over the jack of spades and the king of diamonds.  Tommy showed the king of spades and the queen of clubs.  Good, at least Tommy had Darius dominated going into the flop.

Kenny burned the top card and laid the flop out on the table.  Jack of diamonds, seven of spades and ten of hearts.  Darius had top pair; jacks.  Edward had a pair of tens and Tommy was looking at a two-way straight draw.  As long as Darius didn’t hit another jack…..

Kenny flipped the turn card onto the table; queen of hearts.  Edward’s heart skipped a beat and he heard Tommy let out a noisy breath as if he had been holding it.  Tommy now had a pair of queens and the three of them all had the same straight draw.  A three-way tie for the pot would not help Tommy at this point.  By some miracle Rose Marie was still hanging on, but if Tommy didn’t win the pot outright, she wouldn’t have much of a chance. 

“Son of a bitch!” Bill reacted to the queen, which would have given him a set.  “And I had you covered, Teraneau.  I hope you burn in hell with that asshole next to you.”

Edward let the comment go without a reply.  He needed to stay focused, although there wasn’t much he could do now but see what cards hit the table.  For the first time in his life, Edward prayed that he didn’t make his hand.  An ace or a nine would give all three of them a straight.  Tommy needed this win.  It wouldn’t take Darius all the way out, but close enough.  He would be down to two hundred dollars or so, hardly enough to play with.

Kenny pulled off the top card and slid it into the muck.  Then he pulled off the river card and laid it on the felt.


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