The Game #26

Edward stared at the line of cards running down the center of the table.  Jack of diamonds, seven of spades, ten of hearts, queen of hearts and now…….. the jack of clubs.  Shit!  Darius had hit trips on the river and busted Tommy.  Edward watched as Tommy registered the card and looked slowly at Rose Marie’s cell which began to fill with water.  He got up off his stool, took three steps towards her and collapsed in a heap on the floor.  Darius’s men bent down to pick him up as Rose Marie’s final breath escaped from her lungs in a burst of bubbles.  She floated limp and lifeless in the water.  One of the men turned to Darius.

“He’s dead, no heartbeat.”

“Please take him to join his wife”, Darius said to the man.  “It would seem that life without his wife did not appeal to Mr. Chen.  Please, a moment of respect for The One-Eyed Jack.”

Darius sat silently at the table.  The panel slid down over Rose Marie’s cell and each of the remaining players looked at each other.  Most of their eyes were red and tears were running down Ginger’s face.  Bill stared at Rebecca’s cell where the water level was now over five feet.  She was just able to touch the bottom and keep her face above the water.

“Bracelet or not, if something happens to her, I will kill you, with my bare hands”, said Bill through clenched teeth.

“That, Mr. Weldon, is most unlikely.  Besides, her fate is in your hands now, not mine.  Kenny, if you please”, said Darius, showing no reaction at all.

Darius posted the big blind of one-fifty with Bill at seventy-five.  Edward noticed that other than Rebecca’s cell, most of them had very little water in them.  He hoped that would give them some time to take Darius out.  Now they had to concentrate on letting Bill win.  The longer the game went on, the more of a risk there would be to their loved ones.  Edward looked again at Mary.  She was happily conversing with another character in the theater of her mind.  Edward was relieved that she was not panicked.  He prayed it would not get to that.

Kenny dealt the cards with Nellie now on the button.  Edward was “under the gun”, first to act.  He checked his hole cards slowly.  Seven of spades and the deuce of hearts.  Damn!  Nothing he could do with rags like these.  Unfortunately, Bill was on his own this hand.  Edward called, hoping that his chips would end up in Bill’s stack and not Darius’.

Ginger also called without raising.  Edward suspected that she might be trying to sacrifice to Bill as well.  Her stack was over eighty-five hundred dollars, giving her some room to do so.  Tim, George and Angela each folded their hands, unwilling to risk losing any chips.

“Raise to five hundred”, Nellie said as her chips went into the pot. 

Edward was surprised as her stack was below five thousand.  Then again, her father, Robert, was over six feet tall and would be safer than anyone else should the water start rising in his cell. 

“Call”, Bill said, adding his chips to Nellie’s.

“Raise to one thousand” said Darius.


2 Responses to “The Game #26”

  1. May 31, 2010 at 5:26 pm

    This is an excellent explanation of the blinds for those who are not poker players.

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