The Game #27

Edward added his chips and called Darius re-raise without comment.  As far as he was concerned, it was up to Bill and Nelly to beat him on this hand.  The action went to Ginger.  She looked at Gary and tossed her cards into the muck, shaking her head slowly and dropping her gaze to the table.  Nelly called the extra five hundred dollars, glancing briefly in Edward’s direction.  Bill caught the look and gave a Nelly a brief but hard look.

“Call”, said Bill.  The extra five hundred put him below a thousand chips.  Edward sincerely hoped Bill had the cards to pull off the win.

Kenny shuffled off three cards and spread them on the felt.  Queen of hearts, eight of diamonds and the ace of clubs.  A very dangerous flop.  Bill was first up.

“Check” he said, tapping the table in front of him.  Darius checked behind him as well.  Edward and Nelly both checked, following Bill’s lead.

The turn card was the ten of hearts.  Bill said “All in” and pushed his chips into the pot. 

“I’m afraid the three of you will have to decide this hand”, said Darius as he folded his cards.

Edward called Bill’s bet.  At least Darius would not be getting any chips from them.  Nelly also called, finishing off the round.  Kenny burned the top card and flipped over the river.  Four of spades.  Most likely a brick.  From what little Edward could see of Bill’s face, he seemed to be taking this hand rather well.  It was likely that he had at least paired the queen or the ace on the flop.  If Nelly had flopped something strong, Edward was sure she would have folded.  He checked.  Adding a side pot would not help Bill.

“One thousand”, said Nelly.

The bet startled Edward.  He had expected Nelly to check and let the hand play out.  Bill was already all in, so she could only take chips from Edward.  With his hand, that wouldn’t be hard.  Then it hit him.  She needed to get back some of the chips she planned to lose to Bill.  Edward had the lion’s share, so it only made sense.  He called her bet.

“Show down”, Kenny said.

Edward flipped his cards into the muck without turning them over.  Nelly flipped over the nine of hearts and the jack of spades.  She had made a queen high straight.  Edward watched as Bill slowly flipped over a pair of queens.  He had made a set, but was bested by Nelly’s straight.

“Oh God, Bill!” Nelly cried.  “I had you on king-jack.  I thought you had me beat solid….”  Tears began to roll down her face as the water level in Rebecca’s cell started to rise.  “Bill….. I’m so sorry….you… you went all in… I just knew you hit the nuts….”  The words were coming in sobs even as Kenny pushed the chip stack to Nelly.

“I don’t want them, give them to Bill”, she said, holding her hands in front of her chip stack.

“I’m afraid, Miss Overton, that the rules do not allow one player to give chips to another”, Darius said.  “That would hardly be sporting now, would it?”

“You son of a bitch!” Bill roared as he flew off his stool and reached for Darius.  He collapsed to the floor instantly as electricity blasted through his nervous system .  Rebecca’s cell was filling with water as the level in Robert Overton’s dropped nearly a foot and a half.   Bill struggled to get up off the floor, but each time he did, spasms would rack his body.

“Please take Mr. Weldon to the window so he may so goodbye” Darius instructed his men.  They picked Bill up and dragged him by the arms, dropping him in front of Rebecca’s cell.  As his body writhed in pain, Bill Weldon watched the water level rise to the top of his wife’s cell.   She struggled briefly, pounding on the glass with her eyes bulging, and then it was over.  As her body went limp, Bill “The Poker Punk” Weldon, let out a scream of agony followed by loud, uncontrollable sobbing.

Kenny gathered up the card and began to shuffle as the panel closed over Rebecca’s cell and Bill was dragged away through the doorway.


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