The Game #28

Before Kenny could start the deal, the timer on the wall announced an increase in the blinds, now at 100/200.  Darius was down below two thousand dollars now, so the blinds would affect him the most.  Unfortunately, with Bill out of the game, Darius inherited the button, getting him out of the small blind and putting him in the best position at the table.  Edward wondered if it was really a coincidence, but Nelly had been the one who had ended the hand and Darius certainly didn’t have anything to do with that.  At least, Edward hoped he didn’t.

The blinds were posted; Ginger on the big and Edward on the small.  The cards were dealt and the tension went up another notch.  The water in Scott’s cell was a little over a two feet deep and  everyone else had a little over a foot.  The water level continued to rise as the time went by.

Edward checked his cards.  King of diamonds, queen of clubs; mixed marriage.  That could work.  Tim “The Hippy” Feldman was up first.  He had his ubiquitous peace sign headband on over his shoulder length hair, today’s color was a royal blue with the peace sign in white. 

“Four hundred”, Tim said, placing his bet in the pot.

Double the big blind.  Edward put him on a solid pair or the big slick at least.  With all of the chip stacks fairly even (except yours a small voice reminded him), it could get ugly fast.

“Call”, said George.  He had been pretty quiet so far.  Edward had the ultimate respect for the man who was often referred to as the “Quiet Lion”.  If George was in the hand in mid position, he had the cards to play.

“Raise to eight hundred”, said Angela.

Damn! thought Edward.  Had everyone hit big hole cards?  With the water rising inexorably in every cell, they were all starting to feel the pressure to save their own.  Edward really couldn’t blame them.  He had done exactly that and it had given him huge lead over the others.  Nelly was next up.

“Call” she said, adding another eight hundred chips to the pot.

This brought the action to Darius.  “Call”, he said, and another eight hundred dollars was added.

Another seven hundred to Edward to call.  It was hard to tell what everyone was playing.  Were they on the same team, or was it becoming a free for all?  Edward decided to call and see what the flop produced.

Ginger, Tim and George all raised as well.  Every single player was going into the flop on a re-raise.  Edward hoped to God that Darius did not win this pot.  The sooner they could take him down, the better.

As George completed his bet, Kenny laid the next three cards on the table.  Jack of diamonds, ten of diamonds and the four of clubs.  Edward had an up and down straight draw, but he suspected at least one other person did as well.  Very strong flop considering the betting that had preceded it.  He was first to act.  Normally he would have led with a bet double the big blind, but he didn’t want to start a betting frenzy, so he tapped the table and checked.

“Four hundred”, Ginger bet.  So much for controlling anything thought Edward.  To his amazement, the bet was called all around the table.  Seven players after the flop?  What the hell was going on?  Edward had only seen this happen at low stakes, friendly games.  This was not going well at all.

Kenny flipped the turn card onto the felt.  Ace of hearts.  Ace high straight.  Edward resisted the temptation to check his hole cards again.  Years of disciplined play simply would not allow it.  It didn’t matter anyway, the cards would be burned into his brain until the hand was over.  Now he was faced with the dilemma of how to bet.  Two diamonds on the board, so a flush draw was very possible.  Edward didn’t mind losing to any of  the other players as long is it wasn’t Darius.

“Two hundred”, said Edward, and waited for the rest of the table to take their turns.


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