The Game #30

Aces.  Darius had quad aces.  Over fourteen thousand dollars in the pot and it was all going to the bastard who was responsible for this mess.  That put him and Edward almost dead even with everyone else trailing but quite a bit. The moans and groans went around the table along with several epithets.  Edward’s pulse jumped again.  It was going to be much tougher to take Darius down now with a stack that size.  As Edward contemplated his future strategy, the rumbling began again and all eyes were on the cells containing their family members.

The water in Martinique’s and Scott’s cells rose to about four feet, but Erin Feldman’s cell continued to fill.  The level got to nearly six feet before stopping, forcing Erin to tread water.  Her eyes were wide with fear, but she was keeping herself well above the surface.  Martinique was unruffled even though the water was swirling her gown around her waist.  Scott had moved past his concern for his boots and actually started taking them off.  Edward looked on helplessly until the water slowed back down to its normal slow fill rate.  Even Mary’s room had a little over a foot of water in it.  She was once again running and splashing, oblivious to her true situation.  Edward turned his attention back to the game, running the few hands they had played back in his mind.  Darius had not done anything more spectacular than get the best hand.  It wasn’t difficult to win under those circumstances.  He had folded, so there was a point at which he was no longer willing to take risks.  Edward ran all of the information he had through his mind, over and over, trying to get some sort of mental file on Darius.

Kenny signaled to Ginger and Tim who put in the blinds.  Cards were dealt.  Edward resisted the urge to look at his cards until his turn came around.  George was up first and he bet two hundred.  Angela came next and called.  The action went to Nelly who added the minimum bet to the stack.  Darius folded and Edward looked at his hole cards.  Ten of spades and the queen of hearts.  He reached for chips and pushed them onto the table.  Darius was out, so reducing his chip stack would not be an option.  Edward just hoped that he could push the rest of the players off their hands and keep them from losing too many chips. 

Kenny burned the top card and spread the flop out on the table.  Ten of clubs, jack of hearts and seven of hearts.  That put Edward at middle pair with a very good kicker plus three cards to a queen high flush.  Always better to play from a position of strength.

Ginger was first up.  “Two hundred” she said quietly.  Tim next; he called without comment.  At least the bets were staying small.  George came next.

“Raise to six hundred”, he said, sliding his chips across the table.

George had an ace, Edward was sure.  Either suited or with another pair.  That could be a problem.  George was a solid player, but he could be very unpredictable at times.

Angela was next.  She looked at the flop, checked her hole cards again and silently folded them into the muck.  Nelly’s turn.  She shuffled her chips and looked at George.  The room was silent except for the ‘click-click-click’ of Nelly’s chips.  After a minute or two she grabbed a stack of chips and pushed them into the middle of the table.

“Raise to twelve hundred”.


1 Response to “The Game #30”

  1. 1 Robert Chang
    June 3, 2010 at 2:58 am

    What is Edward going to do with three raises in front and middle pair and a backdoor flush and straight draw? folding is not an option, right?! good stuff Ed, thx for sharing 😉

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