the Game #31

Edward stared at Nelly.  She was another tight player who rarely bluffed.  She did have a good position, especially with Darius dropping out of the hand, so anything was possible.  She betting like she had aces, but Edward doubted it. Nelly was known for slow playing big hands and with as much pressure as all the players were under, they were most likely to revert to their tried and true habits.  Solid pair with a good kicker.  Until he saw evidence to the contrary, Edward would stick with that analysis.

His turn.  No doubt an ace or two had surfaced, but with none on the board, it would only serve as a kicker.  Edward had neither a flush nor a straight draw, but he was on the button.  Did he want to call here and see what the turn card brought, or push with his chip stack and see if he could force one of the other players off their hand?  Of course, this situation was unique as there were consequences either way, even if he won the hand. 

“Raise to eighteen hundred”, said Edward.   A little push to see how the others responded.  Ginger immediately folded her cards.  Tim was next.  He was short stacked, and after a few moments, pushed the rest of his chips into the pot.

“All in.”

It was Edward could do not to scream at the man.  There was no doubt in Edward’s mind that Tim was not going to win this hand and the consequences that would follow had already been demonstrated twice.  Edward wanted to withdraw his bet, but he doubted that would help.  Darius was out, there would be no depleting his chips this hand.  Edward could only watch what he assumed would be the inevitable outcome unfold.

George called Edward’s bet without comment as was normally his style.  Edward was sure there was an ace in George’s hand, maybe two.  His playing style changed frequently, sometimes in the middle of the hand, making him an extremely difficult player to predict.  Edward was committed now, so he sat and relaxed as much as his nerves would let him.  George’s call ended the round and Kenny dealt the turn card onto the table.  The four of hearts.  Edward’s pulse quickened just a bit.  He had a four-flush, queen high, along with a pair of tens.  Worth sticking around for a bit.

With Tim all in, George was first to bet.  He calmly checked.  He was either slow playing the flush or he had missed the straight.  Not a safe man to be up against in a situation like this.  Nelly checked behind him.  Edward’s instincts were screaming at him to push in another strong bet, but watching the six remaining captives and the rising water stayed his hand and he checked.  Erin Feldman was managing to keep her head above water, but the stress was starting to get to her and her muscles were beginning to fatigue.  If Tim did not win this hand, she would not survive.

“It seems all have lost the interest in gambling,” Darius said.  “I hope this is not indicative of future hands.”

Kenny gave the players an odd look and dealt the river card.  The ace of spades.


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