The Game #32

That was definitely not the card Edward wanted to see.  He was almost sure George had at least one ace, maybe two.  Suddenly, a pair of tens was not looking like a winner.  George was again first.

“Five hundred”, he said, more chips headed to the center.

“Raise to one thousand.”  Nelly came in over the top of George.  Had she slow played a flush?  There was something about the way she was sitting up in her seat…. Edward was sure she was bluffing, probably with a pair but not aces or paint.  It didn’t really matter, he was sure George had both of them beat.  Nelly was in good shape chip wise and if George won this hand, he would be, too.  Now it was his turn again.

Edward could have pushed Nelly off her hand had she been next, but he just didn’t think George would budge.  Martinique was not in any immediate danger, so giving him more chips would not help much.  Plus, Edward needed them to bust Darius.  He looked at the six remaining captives.  Mary was again parading around her cell, splashing the water as if she were walking through mud puddles in the rain.  Robert Overton was next to her with a little over a foot of water in his cell.  He was standing in the front corner, leaning against the window with his arms folded across his chest.  Next was the closed panel covering Melanie Leeson’s cell and Martinique Solomon was in the next cell.  There was just under four feet of water now in her cell and she stood motionless in the center of her cell, her dress swaying with the motion of the water.  Gary Halstead occupied the next cell.  There was just over a foot of water in his cell and he was standing against the window, watching the action intently.  Scott Wayne stood in more than four feet of water glaring at Darius.  If looks could kill, their “host” would be on the floor in cardiac arrest.  Scott had finally given up on pounding against the glass and stood with his arms crossed against his chest.  In the last cell was Erin Feldman in nearly six feet of water.  She only stood about five and a half feet tall and was trying to tread water to keep her head above water.  As she began to tire, she would let herself drop to the bottom of the cell and push back up to the surface.  Even her youth and athletic training were not enough to keep her going with the stress of being trapped; she didn’t have much time left.

After a few moments to think it over, Edward tossed his cards into the muck.  He would wait until he had the chance to take down Darius.  The action came back to George who immediately called Nelly’s raise.  The main pot had over seven thousand dollars in it with a side pot of twenty-three fifty.  Now the cards would tell the story.

Tim’s hands were shaking as he flipped over the seven of clubs and the nine of  hearts.  He had gone all in on a gut-shot straight and had not made it.  Edward was stunned.  This had been a huge misstep for a pro with Tim’s years of experience and now his daughter would pay the price.  Ginger was holding her head in her hands, sobbing.

“…. a flush… a damn flush and I threw it away…” she said softly between the sobs.

Nelly flipped over the queen and ten of diamonds.  Tens with a queen.  She would have tied Edward had he not folded.  The point was moot; George had the ace of spades and the ten of clubs. 

“Two pair wins”, said Kenny, sliding the chips towards George.

The water level in Martinique’s cell dropped almost two and a half feet.  Gary’s and Scott’s went up a little.  The water in Erin’s began to rise toward’s the ceiling.  She began to struggle in an attempt to keep her face out of the water.  Eventually, there was no air left in the cell.

“God damned murderer!” Tim exploded across the table at Darius, sending chips and cards scattering everywhere.  His hands actually reached Darius’ throat before the shock from the bracelet doubled him over in pain.  Tim tried to crawl across the table, but the electricity running through his body caused all of his muscles to cramp simultaneously.  Darius’ two men came and collected Tim off the table, still doubled up in pain.  With all of the commotion at the table, no one had been watching Erin.  Edward looked at her cell as the panel slid down in front of the window.  He managed to catch a glimpse of her lifeless face, eyes and mouth wide open in her final scream.  There was a knot in the pit of his stomach and it was taking all of his will power to keep from vomiting; again.  The young girl’s death had caused something in Edward to snap.  Busting Darius was now secondary.  Edward vowed to himself that the man would never stand trial.  Win or lose, Edward had every intention of killing him, with his bare hands, if necessary.


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