The Game #38

Burn and turn.  Kenny flipped the turn card onto the felt.  King of diamonds.  Three high cards out of four.  At the very least, George or Nelly was sitting on a pair, hopefully one of them had the top pair.

Nelly’s turn; “five hundred”, she said.

George simply called the bet without saying a word.  Didn’t they understand that they were just playing into Darius’ game?  Damn, Edward wished he could say something, but he feared what the consequences of those actions would be.  All he could do was watch the hand play out.

River card: Ace of clubs.  Aces paired on the board.  Edward was almost positive that George had an ace.  Those trips were probably good enough to win the hand.  Nelly checked.  Must have missed her straight, thought Edward.  George came back with a bet of one thousand chips.  Nelly looked at him, at the board and then at her dad before she folded.  George raked the side pot into his stack.  That left the main pot.  George showed three aces with jack.  Nelly nodded as if she had figured that out already and showed a queen-jack off suit.  Yep, missed for sure.  Neither of them had been paying attention to Darius who patiently waited for all eyes to land on him.   As they did so, he revealed a pair of nines, giving him nines full of aces.  The main pot of almost fifty-five hundred dollars went into his chip stack, giving him a new lease on life in the game.  Edward swore under his breath.  Not only was he angry that Darius won, he was angry that he hadn’t seen it coming.  He was rarely that far off about his opponents.  At least everyone still had chips in front of them.

The rumbling of the water entering the cells began.  This time, only Robert Overton’s cell continued to fill.  It reached about five feet and stopped, hitting Robert in the center of the chest.  Edward breathed a sigh of relief.  Good, no one dead this hand, that was certainly a relief.  Kenny collected the cards and began to shuffle.

“Other than appeasing your sick, twisted mind, what is your payoff in all of this? ” Edward asked Darius.

“That, Mr. Teraneau, is a fact you will only learn by besting me.” Darius replied.  Most of the other players remained silent, looking at their loved ones across the table.

“We’ve been playing for an hour and I have to pee”, said Nelly.  “Can you please turn this, whatever you call it, off, and direct me to the ladies room?”

Edward watched Darius.  If there was any chance of getting out of here, it would involve getting out of Darius direct line of sight.  Yes, there were likely cameras everywhere, but the people monitoring them were prone to tuning out what they saw.

“Ms. Overton brings up a valid point” said Darius.  “Five minute break beginning now.  Please follow my staff members to the facilities, and don’t be late at the expense of someone else.”  and with that, the door opened and three large, muscular no-neck  types walked into the room.  Each of the players got up gingerly from their seats, intently watching the water level in the cells.  When they saw that it was no longer rising, they followed the men into the doorway and down the hall.  Edward opened the door to which he was shown and walked in.  The lights came on automatically as he entered the foyer, his steps clicking on the imported marble floor.  He hadn’t gotten inside more than five feet when he stopped cold, amazed by what he saw.


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