The Game #39

It was his room at the Bellagio, or at least it looked like his room.  He started to walk into the bedroom and stopped.  That would be just like Darius, get him distracted so that he was late getting to the table.  If Edward was not in his seat on time, he had no doubt that  the water in Mary’s cell would start rising.  No, a quick trip to the john and back to the table.  The no-neck that had accompanied him stayed outside the door to give Edward his privacy.  He finished and washed his hands.  Every detail was exactly the same, down to the style of handles on the faucets.  Edward wondered if the other two were in mock-ups of the places from where they had been  abducted.  How in the hell could Darius have gotten all this ready?  How could he have known where Edward would be on that particular day?  Edward did allow himself a minute to look around the room for any clues about where they actually were.  He opened the drapes, but the glass in the windows was painted black and revealed nothing.  Every window was exactly the same.  Edward make a quick trip into the kitchen, but there was neither food nor beverage available.  He was both hungry and thirsty, so he headed out of the room and picked up some juice on his way back to the table.

When he arrived, George was already seated but Nelly had yet to arrive.  Darius was waiting patiently in his seat, hands clasped together in his lap.

“All the comforts of home”, Edward said, looking at Darius but watching for George’s reaction out of the corner of his eye.  “Must have set you back a small fortune to build all of this.  I hope we have provided you with entertainment worthy of the expense.”

“Mr. Teraneau, I must say, you have exceeded my expectations”, replied Darius.

“I’m glad you’ve enjoyed yourself, because Nevada still has the death penalty.” said Edward.  “I hope you aren’t afraid of needles, because that’s exactly what’s waiting for you.”

“Mr. Teraneau, you have made several assumptions.  One, that you or one of your friends will be able to beat me.”

“And the other would be?” asked Edward.

“That we are in the state of Nevada.”


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