The Game #40

Edward’s blood went cold at Darius’ comment.  Just where were they?  How far had Darius taken eighteen people to pull this off?  Without a watch, cell phone or clock in the room, Edward had no idea what time it was.  He honestly wasn’t sure what day it was.  The last day of which he had a clear recollection was Wednesday after the tournament.  Was this Thursday, or later than that?  It felt like he had been here for a week.

Edward took his seat and waited for Nelly.  The timer on the wall had changed from counting down to the next blinds increase to counting down the time left on the break.  It currently read 1:24.  Edward kept looking at the door, waiting to see Nelly walk through it.  The timer continued its march towards zero.  Come on, Nelly.  What the hell are you doing? Edward thought.  The timer reached zero and the vibration began.  It only lasted a few seconds before Nelly came flying through the door and jumped on her seat.  Edward breathed a sigh of relief to himself and turned his attention back to the table. 

Only three of them left.  Darius had managed to eliminate six of the best poker players in the world in a little over an hour, if the timer on the wall was accurate.  It also indicated that this would be the last hand before the blinds went up again.  Nelly was on the short stack and that was going to put her at a grave disadvantage.  She was also on the small blind this hand, so she was out of position.  Her only saving grace was finding herself in a four handed game.  The fewer players in the game, the more dangerous she could be.

Darius posted the big blind and Nelly the small.  Kenny shuffled the cards and they were dealt.  Edward did not wait to look at his hand, but checked his hole cards right away.  Queen and jack of clubs.  It could be worse.  Edward acted first.

“One thousand”, he said, coming in way over the top of Darius’ blind.  He was hoping that Nelly would get the message and drop out.  Her small bet of one fifty was not worth fighting for.  George was next and quietly folded his cards.  Nelly’s turn.  Edward fully expected her to fold.

“All in”.

Edward was stunned.  Another all in?  With so much at stake, how could she do something that risky?  With her bet the turn came to Darius.

“I call”, he said.

Edward’s turn; he had to either call or fold.  If he had the better hand and beat Nelly, her father would die.  If he called but lost to her, he could add to her chips and deal Darius a serious blow as well.  He was not responsible for her betting and if she lost, it would the consequence of her own actions.  His only goal, at least his first goal, was to get all of Darius’ chips and end this travesty.  And then he would choke the life out of the pompous little prick.

“Call”, said Edward setting his bet alongside the first two.

The flop; nine of hearts, ten of diamonds and the four of clubs.  It left Edward an up and down straight draw, but he doubted that it had helped Nelly or Darius.  Nelly was all in and the turn moved to Darius who simply tapped the table to check.  Had he missed the flop or was he setting a trap.  Edward now had to base a potentially life or death decision on having played a dozen or so hands with the man.  He studied Darius, looking for something, anything that would give him a clue.  Edward was just about to check when he saw it.


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