The Game #41

The eye twitch.  Edward had seen it before.  Darius had missed the flop.  He had strong cards, but not a pair and the board had not paired him either.  Nelly was sure to have kings or aces, unless she was playing the bluff of the century.  Edward knew her tells could be dangerous, as she had studied acting and was quite good at misleading her opponents.  The point was moot anyway, she either had the cards or she did not.

“Fifteen hundred” Edward bet.  Nelly’s fate was a done deal.  Edward wanted to get more chips away from Darius.  If Nelly didn’t have the best hand, well, that would be tragic but there were two more victims at risk.

The bet came back to Darius.  He called the bet calmly.  Edward had to give him credit, he was a smooth one.  Not risking as much as we are, he can afford to be calm.  Edward never believed for a minute that Darius would have submitted to the authorities.  The opportunity would present itself and Edward would make sure that Darius paid dearly for his crimes.

Kenny burned the next card and flipped over the turn card.  King of hearts.  Edward now had a king high straight.  He looked at Nelly.  Her mouth was holding still, but there was something in her eyes….. she had hit a set of kings, no doubt about that.  She probably had Darius beat, too.  If Edward folded now, Nelly would probably win the main pot and Darius would walk away with the side pot of three thousand dollars.  But if she did not beat him and Darius got all of it, he would have over twelve thousand dollars in his stack.  Edward tried to think of all the possible hands Darius could have.  He could be tied with Edward if he was holding queen-jack, but he would have reacted better to the flop if that was the case.  Two hearts on the board; he could have a four-flush.  If he hit it, he would beat Edward and Nelly.  Edward decided to go to the river before making his decision.

“All in.”  Darius’ words startled Edward.  He had not been expecting that.  That meant that either Darius had hit the straight or was going for the flush.  That changed everything.  Edward simply could not let Darius walk away with this pot.  If he had hit the straight, Nelly had lost anyway.  Edward could do only one thing.

“I call.”  He pushed his chips to the center of the table and waited for Kenny to deal the river.

“Show down”, said Kenny and  the players each flipped over their cards.  Nelly had the black kings, exactly what Edward had predicted.  He looked at Darius’ cards; ace-queen of hearts, the nut flush draw.  At this point Edward’s straight had both of them beat.  He was actually hoping for the king of diamonds or something pairing the board on the river.  That would give Nelly quads or a full house, they would both beat Darius and this nightmare would come to an end.

Kenny burned the next card, then slipped the top card off the deck and laid the river down on the felt.


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