The Game #45

The ten of spades and the jack of hearts; Edward’s hole cards for this hand.  He truly hoped that George had a pocket pair of some kind.  It should be easy enough to lay down this hand. He looked at George; two fingers on the table.  Good, a pair.  Darius was the only other problem, but Edward could only concentrate on one variable at a time.   Darius was first and called the big blind.  Edward did the same.

“Raise to one thousand”, said George, dropping his chips on the table.  At least a pair of queens, he would never risk Martinique’s life on less.

Darius called the bet without comment and that bothered Edward.  He was not getting any kind of tell from the man.  Nothing about his actions indicated a strong hand, and Darius had a very different game plan than did Edward and George. 

The flop was dealt; ten of clubs, four of spades and the six of hearts.  Junk.  Edward had hit a pair of tens, but that didn’t matter.  He could fold to George regardless.  He was first up and tapped the table, checking his hand.  Action to George.

“All in”. 

The words, which had been disastrous for every player who had uttered them so far sent a chill through Edward.  He waited to see what Darius would do.  Edward had to remind himself to breathe.

“I feel you have me at a disadvantage,” said Darius as he tossed his cards to Kenny.  “Well played, Mr. Varney.”

Edward looked at George, trying to get a signal.  If George had him beat, they could play out the hand, make it look good and Edward could get George some more chips.  If Edward hit the third ten, well, he preferred not to think of the consequences.  He was trying not to look at Martinique.  Her state of undress and struggle to survive did not help his concentration.

Better safe than sorry.  “I agree with Darius, George.  Well played.”  Edward tossed his cards into the muck as well and watched as Kenny pushed the small pot of forty-five hundred chips to George.  He stacked the chips on his pile quickly and the water in Martinique’s cell began to drop.  It got down to about waist level before it stopped.  Edward breathed a sigh of relief.  That would buy them some time.  As if reading his thoughts, the timer on the wall buzzed, announcing that the blinds had gone to three hundred-six hundred.  Darius was now on the big blind and Edward on the button.  Edward hoped that would give him the edge he needed to beat Darius, or at least keep George and Martinique safe.


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