The Game #46

New hand, cards on the felt.  Edward checked; pocket pair of eights, hearts and clubs.  Good starters for a short-handed game.  George was on the button and first up.  He tossed his cards into the muck.  Edward felt a sense of relief wash over him.  Just Darius and him, perfect.  Odds were very much against Darius having a pocket pair also, so there was a good chance that Edward already had him beat.  The flop would tell.  Darius was next to act.

“One thousand”, he said, sliding a sizable chip stack into the center of the table.  Including his big blind, that would cost Edward another seven hundred.  Darius obviously had something strong, but Edward doubted it was a pair.  More likely it was an ace with some paint behind it, maybe suited.  Edward would still have the edge, but not by much.

“Call”, said Edward.  Seven hundred chips into the pot.

Kenny turned the flop cards onto the table.  Three hearts, nine, five and seven.  One card away from a straight flush.  Edward checked and waited to see what Darius was going to do.  Darius limped in for six hundred.  Edward called after a moment and watched Darius out of the corner of his eye.  He seemed steady enough and there was no tell-tale twitch, but that didn’t guarantee anything.  Turn card was the ten of clubs.  Edward now had an open straight with the straight flush draw.  The odds were stacking up in his favor. 

“All in”.  Edward had Darius more than covered and certainly had more than enough outs to put him in the lead.  George was not at risk and even if Edward lost, Darius would not gain much.

“Mr. Teraneau, I was curious whether or not you were serious about this game.” Darius said.  “I seem to have my answer.  I call.”

Darius flipped over his cards; the king of spades and the ace of hearts.  Damn!  Darius would win on any flush but the straight flush.  A king or an ace would also give him the win.  Edward had not seen that coming.  Edward had eight outs, Darius had thirteen.  The odds were in Darius’ favor and it was too late to do anything about it.  Edward was just thankful that Darius’ chip stack was as small as it was.

Next card was burned and Kenny flipped over the river.  Edward’s heart sank as his mind registered the jack of hearts.  The hand belonged to Darius.

“Ace high flush”, said Kenny as he scooped the chips toward Darius.

The water rumbled for a few seconds, but only rose an inch or two in both cells.  The gamble had been worth it.  Darius could have lost and his win had done relatively little harm to either of the two captives.  The only downside was that Darius was now ahead of George in chips and that put a great deal of pressure on George.  Edward hoped that George could hold tight to the chips he had and allow Edward to take on Darius.

Kenny finished shuffling the cards and dealt the hand.  Edward looked and saw the five of diamonds and the three of clubs.  Rags, and being on the small blind, he would be under the gun after the flop.  Bad cards in a bad position; Darius’ takedown would have to wait until the next hand.


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