The Game #47

Edward debated just mucking his cards right off the bat, but he was already in for the small blind.  Darius limped in with six hundred dollars and Edward put in the extra three.  Kenny laid the flop out onto the table.  Four of clubs, ten of hearts, six of diamonds.  Edward had flopped an up and down straight draw.  He tried to catch George’s eye, but he was looking at the table, zoning out.  Edward played it safe and checked.  George bet six hundred, telling Edward that he had caught at least part of the flop.  Darius called without commenting and the action came back around to Edward.  He called the bet as well and waited for the turn card.  The nine of diamonds, no help to Edward, hopefully not to Darius either.  Edward checked again, as did George.  Either he missed something on the turn, or he was slow playing a winner.  If he had a seven-eight, then the nine made his straight.  No way to tell, George would not look at Edward.  He was really trying to beat Darius and did not want to give away any kind of tell.  Darius checked the hand and Kenny prepared to deal the river. 

Edward went over everything in his mind, this hand, the previous hands, every bet Darius had made.  He seemed to copy what the other players did much of the time.  Bet when they bet, check when they check.  It was a good strategy, it made it hard to decide if he had the hand or he was bluffing.  Edward was doing his best to read Darius this time, but sitting next to him was making it difficult.  Edward did not believe that their seating arrangement was an accident, either.  Darius had been able to see most of the other players throughout the game, but Edward had not been able to see him very well.   Well played, Darius, well-played, Edward thought to himself.

Kenny flipped over the final card; two of hearts.  That gave Edward a six high straight.  Now was the time, it had to be.

“All in”, Edward said, his voice catching just a bit as he did so.  All George had to do now was fold and Edward would either make Darius back down or end this once and for all.

“I’m all in”, George said.  Edward racked his brain, what the hell did George have that he was so willing to bet Martinique’s life?  Maybe the seven-eight?  Then why the check on the turn if he had made his hand?  The just left the door open for a better hand to suck him out on the river.  Edward’s mind was going full tilt, but he just wasn’t coming up with any answers.

The players flipped their cards and Edward saw the seven-eight; ten high straight.


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