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ROW80 Update 8-21-11

This week has been¬† brutal for getting the words down, up until yesterday morning. I learned of a website called Write or Die ( and cranked out 3685 words in 2.7 hours. A new record for me. At this pace, my first draft will be done in less than a month. I use a spread sheet (it’s my analytical side, can’t help it) to keep track of my progress and my wph has jumped by 100. That’s an average over the entire project, now at 48K words. I am feeling less guilty about devoting some of my limited time to promotion and social networking. Things are looking good for having three novels ready for eBooks by November. Stay tuned…..



I haven’t posted here in over a year. I used this blog to write a short story for a writing challenge, and when it was complete, I never came back. Now I have found a new use for this blog and I really liked the title, so I’ll start posting again. I’m also heavily promoting several upcoming novels, so one more reason to start blogging again.

ROW8O is a writing challenge that has each writer set their own goal and then post their results for the support of other writers (I read “kick in the pants” as that is what I need most often, all done with love, of course). I’m game. This challenge ends Sept. 22, the day after my 20th wedding anniversary and my brother’s birthday. Guess forgetting the date will not be an issue.

I like the goal of writing every day, but I need a little bit more fire under my feet, so my goal will be to finish the first draft of my current WIP, Chronicles of Alcamene Book One: Gunn Sight. I’m currently at about 41K words with a top end goal of 85K or whenever the story is done,which may be sooner. This is YA sci-fi, not horror, so this blog title is a little out of line with the genre, but I’m too lazy to start another blog. Besides, horror is really my first love and there are a few intense moments so far in the book, so I’m giving myself a break. I just posted a horror short on my website, A Lycanthrope’s Tale so I’m keeping true to the genre.¬† Oh, I also have a blog on the site by one of my MCs, Rachel Benesais, so that takes some time (I can’t seem to get her to write her own stuff) and I still have a day job. Speaking of which, break is over, so have a good Monday.\

Smiles, Ed

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